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About Fourboys:
Fourboys is about my current role-playing characters, which were mainly my four boys, but has since grown to include many other boys and some girls too. I created Kiro no Matsuro early in 2001, my second RP creation. Kiro has its basis in Anime and Japanese mythology, most characters are inspired by one of those two.

Kiro no Matsuro means roughly "Crossroads of Fate". The Kiro Temple sits on a crossroads between various worlds of Japanese belief, the demon world, the spirit world, the man-beast world, and the human world. I've always had a fascination for demons of any kind, so naturally my boys are all demons of some nature.

The Kiro RP is a game to the characters, they know it's a game and they exist beyond it, but they also know they're created and have to live with the fact they have obnoxious controlling "creators" (who are not gods, just really creative humans). Most of their lives happen through instant messages with other characters and their creators, outside of the game. This comic tries to represent that part of them, the fact they are very "alive" in their own way, have very deep personalities and issues, and in fact because of that much more happens beyond the limiting realm of the RP game.

So the comic tries to represent a little more of their lives, how they interact with one another and how they survive and get along. This is a comic about relationships, about love and hate and... just trying to get by.

About me:
My handle is Garnet Belial, Garney or Gar being acceptable and very often used nicks.

I am a single parent. I just received my Bachelor's in Psychology and I am now attending graduate school to become a clinical psychologist.

I live in a small city in Missouri, USA,

My hobbies are of course, drawing, writing, and role-playing mostly, but I also dabble in ceramics, canvas (usually acrylic) painting, Pysanky (Ukrainian Easter Eggs) and website making

I have particular fetishes with horses, demons, dragons, and mythology (Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Japanese)

I love anime to pieces and I'm slowly building a collection, but I am by no means an expert.

Favorite authors are Anne Rice, Stephen King, Anne McCaffrey, Dean R Koontz.  I love just about any kind of music, and it's a big part of my life.

I'm not crazy (well at least not for these reasons) I know these guys are just characters... but I love them just the same.

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