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Yes there are many more than four boys now, too many to count really.
Don't ask how I make room for them all.


Kesu Hato
AKA: Sakon Hiroshi (human name), Silver Dove
Age: est. 480, human body 17 (birthday January 25th)
Race: Kitsune inhabiting a human body
Distinguishing features: Waist length silver hair, dove tattoo on his ankle
He's often mistaken for a girl and finds it funny.
Love interest:
Kesu goes from being annoyingly girlish and ditzy to taking advantage of every year of his long existence. As a kitsune he was heartless and sometimes just plain evil, but this giggly human side has its perks too. If anyone has to worry about split personality issues, it's Kesu.

Tanji Hisaki
AKA: Phoenix
Age: 16
Race: Youkai/Jujinkai (half fire demon and half man-beast)
Distinguishing features: Shoulder-blade length black hair, very small but very well muscled build,
7 tattoos, 7 ear piercings, belly piercing, tongue piercing, left nipple piercing...
Love interest: Kino
Tanji is pretty quiet, the youngest and most boyish of the group. When people scream bishounen he always thinks himself excluded. For a long time he has been the "bad boy", but has just started opening up to certain people. He wears a lot of black, but has been found to be an artist and a math genius.

LanEise Jun
AKA: Lane
Age: 73 (birthday Dec 23rd)
Race: Koorime (ice demon)
Distinguishing features: Knee length white hair with blue streaks, anorexic-thin build
Love interest:
Where Lane comes from women dominate and men are in a caste system of servants, however his mother let him leave so he could pursue freedom.

Aya Mizu
Age: 97
Race: Kitsune
Distinguishing features: Long red ribbon-like ponytail, too damn cute for his own good
Love interest:
Aya is nuts, just plain loony. He was raised just like Kesu, taken away from his parents and put into the care of a special teacher, only Aya's teacher wasn't so nice. Aya was tortured as a child and taught that pain was not only okay but to be sought after. He's got so many problems I can't even begin to cover them all.

AKA: dark rose, morph, kouryou, koi, kou
Age: 300ish
Race: Kouryou
Distinguishing features: Dark-elf like skin and hair, dragon tail,
tapered ears, pupil-less eyes
Love interest:
Damael comes from a rare breed of fire demons called the Kouryou, where members of the Dragon Clan decided to go off and try to become closer to their ancestral dragons by learning to shape-shift into them. Damael is a common example of the result. Most Kouryou have dark skin and light hair, dragon tails and claws, and strangely formed eyes adapted to living underground, where they were forced to live in shame. Damael's family was massacred by a Shadow invasion, and he fled to the human world.

Age: 71
Race: Koorime
Distinguishing features: Entirely white hair except light blue bangs, very light blue eyes with extremely small pupils, tattoo on right shoulder
Love interest:
Din is one of Lane's childhood friends, actually a slave owned by his mother and purchased to be a bodyguard and playmate for him. He's quick to anger, has a vicious temper, and will sometimes become angry with no provocation.

Age: 75
Race: Koorime
Distinguishing features: White hair with blue bangs, taller and more solidly built than the other Koorime
Love interest:
Kai is Lane's other best friend and a highly valued slave of Lane's mother, the most expensive she owns in fact. Kai is highly trained in all the proper companion slave attributes. He doesn't speak very good human language, so most of the time resorts to speaking Koorime, and will slip into it when upset and not realize it. He's very sweet though, and loves children.

Age: a few millennia
Race: minor god
Distinguishing features: Straight, waist-length black hair, often excessive jewelry and minimal clothing
Love interest: Dontae
Obliette is a rather sad being, a god of a forgotten divinity who now works as an agent of Reikai. His jewelry is more than just for show, most of them morph into some sort of animal and he often employs them as weapons, but they are actually pets and treasured companions. He has this thing for Dontae none of us can figure out.

Age: several hundred
Race: Incubus
Distinguishing features: Nearly white skin and white hair with a single red streak, covered in intricate red tattoos, especially his back, which is entirely covered, completely black-glass eyes, tapered ears.
Love interest:
Obsidian used to be the relationship stirrer of the house, but he's since settled down a bit. He still dabbles in matchmaking of course, but he's fairly busy with domestic life now.

Sabine Devereaux
Age: 16
Race: Human
Distinguishing features: Very long reddish brown hair, lovely blue eyes, a petite build
Love interest:
In a house full of demon boys, Sabine is sort of the odd one out. Her father abandoned her and with her newfound telekinetic powers causing havoc in her life, Sabine needed someone to turn to. Yotaka sent her to stay with the boys, figuring they could help her out. Tanji befriended her, so she's not entirely alienated.

Age: over 700, very old for his kind
Race: Youkai, Shadow Clan fire demon
Distinguishing features: Over seven feet tall, very well muscled with scars just about everywhere, mid-back length feathered black hair and dark, deep-set red eyes
Love interest:
Jenii was one of the Seven Shadow Generals, one of the most revered of his people. Certain events changed his mind about things and he turned on his own people, revolting against the authority of Augustine and the Shadow Clan elders. The battle that ensued wiped out most of the Clan. Barely alive, Augustine brought him to the human world to try and keep him alive.
Joshua Augustine
Age: hundreds of years old
Race: vampire
Distinguishing features: Short and slightly curly brown hair, liquid golden eyes, aristocratic features
Augustine is the employer of Jenii and Bastian, or at least was. Of course giving Jenii orders, he had a great portion of the Shadow army at his disposal to wreak havoc in Makai, hmm, wonder what he did with all that power. Since Jenii's revolt and the following battle, there are very few Shadow left to lead, and so he came to the human world with Jenii to seek refuge.

Ran Mizu
Age: 97
Race: Kitsune
Distinguishing features: Long, dark red hair and dark purple eyes
LoveSex interest:
For the longest time Ran was the dark voice inside Aya's head. Through some magic, Ran gained his own physical body and left Aya alone. He's the sadistic side of Aya who loves torturing people, causing fear and pain.
Aki Mizu
Age: 97
Race: Kitsune
Distinguishing features: Almost bright pink hair, huge bright purple eyes
Aki is the good side of Aya, the one he created to house all the innocence and goodness he had left in him while Ran slowly took over his mind. He's sort of the little brother to Aya and Ran now, and they both love him and guard him fiercely.
Characters of Scorpio
Kino Kanan
Age: 16
Race: Youkai/human
Distinguishing features: Short red hair, heart shaped face
Love interest: Tanji
The misfit girl genius of the Temple, she and Tanji were raised together, but never were very close. When he tried to kill himself she stopped him at the risk of her own life, finally showing him someone he could trust and love. Well, he's trying anyway.
Age: 207
Race: Dragon Clan Youkai (fire demon)
Distinguishing features: Long black hair, intricate red chinese dragon tattoo on right side of her face
Love interest: Obliette
Dontae is a warrior, cold, assumed to be unfeeling and bitchy and downright nasty at times. It's her job to protect the Dragon Prince, heir to the Youkai throne, so she hangs around quietly in the background just watching.
TygerShadow "Ty"
Age: 17
Race: Jujinkai (man-beast)
Distinguishing features: Wavy black hair, purple tiger stripes
Love interest: eh, herself
Ty is a cocky and way too self-confident, egocentric... okay I better stop before she hurts me. Anyway she's not your average nice girl. And she has claws, so don't piss her off.

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